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Collaborating to Develop Your Counseling Style

Counselor supervision, also known as clinical supervision, is an important part of developing as a counselor. It provides your the opportunity to consult with a more experienced professional on theoretical orientations, treatment plans, ethical decision making, and much more. As counseling can be a blend as much of an art as it is a science, supervision helps you to develop your style.

Beginning as a counselor can be intimidating. You have acquired a ton of knowledge through your graduate program, but applying it in a situation with a client sitting in front of you can feel anxiety provoking. This is where working with a supervisor you trust can be extremely beneficial. They can help you integrate the knowledge you learned in school into real life scenarios. Supervision can also provide new information for you to use that may be more applicable to the population and experiences you are currently working with. As you become more comfortable and trusting in yourself and abilities, a good supervisor will continue to work to empower you. 


Just as The Counseling Collaborative creates individualized approaches for our clients, the supervisors at The Counseling Collaborative provide individualized supervision plans to help develop supervisee's unique therapeutic approach and style. Consistent across all therapeutic styles is the need for multiculturally competence, and our supervisors integrate multicultural and socially just theories, skills, and practices into the supervision process. As you work with our supervisors, you will develop your own style of integrating multicultural competence with your work with clients. 

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