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What is Online Counseling?

How do I meet with my counselor?

Our office utilizes video conferencing for all intake and therapy sessions to give clients a similar experience to face to face meetings but from the comfort and location of their choosing. We believe counseling should be accessible and easy, so you can attend your sessions when and where it is convenient for you. 

Why Choose Online Counseling?

Online Counseling is a great way to access high quality therapy services without the hassle of commutes, traffic or waiting in public lobbies. Research shows that online counseling can be just as effective as face to face counseling while also increasing the availability and access to care. Online counseling can be especially helpful for clients with busy schedules- including parents and caregivers and working professionals or for those who have limited access to transportation or who have conditions that limit their ability to travel.

What is the pricing scale for services?

The Counseling Collaborative works hard to make counseling and therapy services affordable while prioritizing your confidentiality and trust. Based on these values, we provide services at fees well within or slightly below the market rate for comparable services. 

Based on the types of services you select, our fees vary between $100-$150. We will walk you through your specific costs at the initial appointment so there are no surprise fees or costs for our services. 

Should You Consider Counseling?

Counseling has been shown to be a great way to help relieve distressing emotions or hurtful thoughts. If you are feeling anxious or down in ways that seem out of place for you, then counseling can help identify ways to reduce these feelings. Loss of enjoyment of things you normally found meaningful or feeling easily irritated or even feeling angry more than you'd like are also experiences that counseling can help alleviate. Our therapists work to help empower you to feel more capable of managing whatever may be holding you back from living the life you want.


Counseling can also benefit those dealing with loss, relationship changes or challenges, as well as processing hurtful past experiences that continue to cause distress. Not everyone had a family that we see in commercials, and those difficult experiences can be worked through in counseling to lessen how they may impact you currently. 

Who does your office work with?

Our office currently works with adolescents (14+ )  and adults. We are committed to and take pride in serving all Georgia and Vermont residents, meaning we work with clients from all backgrounds and identities. 

 Our clinicians have a variety of educational backgrounds that have helped them achieve their level of expertise in the field, and these levels are indicated through different abbreviations. Here is a list of the abbreviations of qualifications our clinicians have as well as what they mean:

LPC- Licensed Professional Counselor

LAPC- Licensed Associate Professional Counselor

LMFT- Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

PhD- Doctoral Degree

EdS- Specialist Degree

MeD- Masters in Education

MA- Masters in Arts

NCC- National Certified Counselor

ACS- Approved Clinical Supervisor

CPCS- Certified Professional Clinical Supervisor

What are the abbreviations behind my counselor's name and what do they mean?

What goes into selecting my counselor?

We know it can feel stressful when you don't "feel it" with a medical professional or counselor. That's why we brought together a varied and diverse group of clinicians so that you will be able to work with someone who is a good fit for you.

Our process is designed to pair you with a counselor who not only has expertise in working with goals and concerns similar to yours but also work to pair you with a counselor who you can trust to collaborate with. We also have counselors with varied availability to meet your scheduling needs as well. If you need to change counselors then you can simply request to be paired with a new one without having to start over at a whole new office.

Ultimately, our entire team wants you to be working with a clinician you trust and feel comfortable with and none of our clinicians take it personally if you decide to try a different counselor- in fact, we encourage it! You will experience the most benefit from counseling when working with someone you trust and have a good working relationship with. These are just some of the benefits of being a client at The Counseling Collaborative. 

Shouldn't I be able to work on my struggles on my own?

People are resilient and have many strengths to deal with many difficult experiences. But sometimes those difficult experiences pile up and it becomes hard to deal with everything at once. Stress at work makes dealing with home life even more difficult, or a hurtful relationship is making you distrustful or anxious about other relationships. This is where counseling can help. In our sessions with you, we can help to unpack all the things you are carrying that are slowing or stopping you living the life you want. Once you are done with counseling, you will have the tools and experience to be able to get back to managing things on your own while also working towards the life you want. 

What issues or experiences does your office specialize in? 

Our team of clinicians have been thoughtfully selected based on their backgrounds, education and areas of particular expertise so that we can serve a wide range of issues for our clients.

We will match you with the therapist that we feel would be most helpful in reaching your therapeutic goals. 

Examples of issues we can help with include:

Anger Management


Depression (loss of motivation, loss of enjoyment)

Family Experiences 


LGBTQ+ Experiences

Life Transitions

Past Traumatic Experiences



What are possible outcomes of counseling + therapy?

· Gaining a better understanding of yourself, your goals and values.

- Finding new ways of thinking and feeling about problems or concerns to experience them differently.
· Developing skills for managing stress, anxiety or other concerns.
· Resolving or lessening the impact of the issues or concerns that led you to seek therapy
· Learning new ways to manage anger, sadness or other impactful feelings.
· Improving communication with others and building listening skills.
· Changing patterns of thinking, feeling, or reactions by developing new ones that work for the life you have now. 
· Finding new ways to solve problems in your family, marriage, and other significant relationships.
· Re-developing your self-esteem and creating a greater sense of self-confidence.

Do you work with insurance? 

Our office has a team of clinicians who are in network with a variety of insurance plans. Contact our office today to see which clinician is in network with your insurance coverage. If we do not have a clinician that is in network then we can provide you with a superbill to seek potential reimbursement directly from your insurance company or provide you with a list of referrals who may be able to work with your benefits. 

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