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Anxiety is our bodies natural alarm to let us know danger is around. However, sometimes this alarm can malfunction leaving us feeling scared, stressed or on edge even though we aren't in danger. Counseling can help re-adjust our alarm so we can feel safe. 


Sometimes, our lowest moments can feel too overwhelming to even know where to start. Depression can feel like it's taking our joy, meaning and motivation. Our clinicians have years of experience helping people to work through these experiences and address what has contributed to them. 


Life transitions can be difficult. Whether its a new job, graduating school, or ending a relationship, we can struggle stepping into our new life. Our services help to process the barriers to you becoming who you want to be in this new chapter. 

Self Improvement

At the Counseling Collaborative, we help you to identify your strengths and find ways to use them in ways to help you continue to grow and be more effective in your work, relationships, and personal goals. 


Our bodies response to trauma can be out of our control, but how we heal from it doesn't have to be. Our clinicians have the understanding as well as evidence based practices to help process traumatic experiences and responses so you can get back to living your life not being so burdened with the negative effects of your past. 


Let's be real- dealing with other people can be frustrating at best and crazy making at its worst. Whether it's setting boundaries, learning to effectively communicate, or finding ways to understand and accept each other, the Counseling Collaborative can help improve your relationships.

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Did you know online counseling has been proven to be as effective 
as in person sessions? Telehealth services increase access and availability so that what you get is the highest quality of care from the comfort of your own home. 
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